Bulk SMS
is Easier than Ever...

How to use

Download & Install

Install the SMSWebKit application from Play Store. Your handset will act as the SMS gateway for all outgoing SMS

Sign Up & Add

To add SMS Gateways get the serial no. and the security code shown in your application, under preferences

Send Personalized
Bulk SMS

Send bulk SMS with special tags, #first_name, #last_name or #full_name to personalize your SMS

  • What Our Customer Says

    This is a very good service, which helped me to keep a good relation with my customers.


  • Main Features

    1 - Long SMS Support
    2 - Personalizing Bulk SMS with recipient's Name
    3 - Address Book Management with Multiple Groups
    4 - Import Address Book from CSV file and Phone
    5 - Developer API

  • New version Released

    A new version of SMSWebKit released. Major changes include
    1 - Support for SMS Poll & Quiz
    2 - SMS Poll & Quiz statistics will be collected in your portal
    3 - Enabled users to change the security code.